but I feed 100.000 families…

And my collapse would send fatal ripples through the whole country’s economy. So I won’t take any responsibility for the mishaps I intentionally and knowingly created with my malfunctioning products that I have sold by the millions. I won’t take any measures to correct my criminal actions even if they are technically solvable. I do not care if entire populations will become sick or have a higher risk to die because intentionally and knowingly I chose to make my products faulty.

Incidentally, my customers, my beloved morons I muster with complacency, ought to get rid of those faulty products the best way they can, and buy new ones of course from the new range of products I offer and that I promise this time are great. That those faulty left behind products will have a span of many years and will pose a continued damage to people is something I do not feel responsible for. Those morons should be glad to even have the chance to buy my products second hand, so why should they pester me now with their petty complains? I will even go to the length to do some PR about the replacement program I successfully had to extend because of the great success it was.

Laws and rules do not quite apply to me, because I feed 100.000 families, and I am a political force to be reckoned. I wasn’t elected, not even I care to make politics. But I have become one, and the wellbeing of people is definitely not one of my priorities, unless those people are stakeholders of my corporation. I only fear those who are larger than I can tame, those in the EU Council. Dangerous ones are they!

Come take some of those middle managers to prison, I can afford to lose some. I’ll get new ones and will take care that those are being well provided for. Or not. I am all too important to mind those little details. I can even find new lobbyists if needed. They can be bought with the cash I do not have to waste mending my wrongdoings. If only those warmongering journalists would shut up!