the best part comes later

very much as with preparing Panna cotta—you will have to wait a few hours to enjoy it—marrying may flourish one or two decades after the vows were given.

Alain de Botton, in his book “The course of love” takes us on a fantasy ride with Kirsten and Rabih from the moment they met, through their life, to the point, many years after they married, when they were actually ready to marry each other.

Through the book, we will soon realise that all those anxieties that constantly make our life troublesome, do not afflict us only. We are not especially doomed; everybody is. Those who haven’t yet found the love of their lives, would understand that such thing does not exist, or actually, there are thousands that could be a good enough fit. Those who just married and are puzzled by the difficulties of living together, would understand that they are doing as badly as they were expected to do. Those who fought their way through child rearing and left themselves on the process, would understand that loving a child is the true way to love. Those who searched in one night stands what they were missing, would understand why they didn’t find it there.

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