tainted blurr

The sound of two eyes‘ glance. The smell of a shared silence. The velvet hues of speech pitch. The texture of a blurry memory rescued after a passing scent. The disrupting vibration of a moving ethereal soul. The movement of a pixelated picture of lips who speak words that only exist in our imagination. The elegance of a pair of common boots alive with the motion of a piano melody. The music of scarf‘s convolutions around a neck. The dissonance of a film of sweat. The fluidic tension of a stance of curiosity. Fragile humanity searching for a crevasse in a world of steel. A patch of light where to plant seeds of future. A future that runs through oiled channels of polished glass, along the impossible thin line between laminarity and turbulence. In the coldness of absence of light. In the tremor of the void. Energy in a million different manifestations on a dance of ruptured entropic life converging into an ultimate singularity.

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