carts with broken wheels

That our politicians must in the first line protect our workplaces has become an unquestioned matter-of-fact. Even some are so carried away that have taken it as an electoral banner. After a first look it may seem a legitimate expectation, or not.

The images of abated people after a factory is closed down fill us with sorrow. Those images bring to us feelings of hopelessness, and fragility. Not to mention the family stress and consequences that those people will begin to suffer. Any effort aimed towards turning around such situation may seem an imperative and something politicians would have to employ all their resources we put at their hands to achieve.

The closure of factories or mines or offices or any corporation entity is often the result of the inadequacy of that organization to create something the society needs—or it has been made to believe that it needs. As the world changes and evolves, corporations have to reframe their products and services and change too. Some do it right and some do it wrong. To discuss whose fault a closure is leads nowhere and won’t bring the corporation back to life. If they are closing down factories it is probably too late. Focusing our resources on keeping those corporations going, for sake of workplaces, is a hopeless resources sink.

The cost of opportunity is even a larger; a continued sink, a bleeding wound. By focusing on keeping a broken organization running we miss the opportunity to invest our efforts in a new corporation, one that is more suited to our times. And it is likely that in that very same moment, another group of people, city, region, or country will take that opportunity. Out window of opportunity is then gone for ever.

What we may better want to request our politicians is that they create the grounds so that those opportunities can flourish. In this manner we can provide those families soon a new more suitable job. A job that will contribute to create something desirable and not something that only exist because of a subsidy, and that nobody needs. A job to feel proud of.

Effort put on fostering new opportunities would be like pulling a cart downhill, whether keeping something broken running would be pulling it uphill. To keep a constant speed we will have to sink enormous resources and some day, no matter what, it will stop. And every body else will be, by that time, much ahead on the road. By this analogy, we want to ask our politicians to build a road around the hill, as opposite to help us pull the cart uphill.

deception after following a white rabbit

Our times are confusing. Maybe all times were confusing to their contemporaries. Yet we are now, all in a sudden, in a digital society overflown by information. And most of us haven’t had the time to learn to cope with it.

Media illiteracy isn’t a new problem, but it has today become in the form of digital media illiteracy too large of a problem. So large as to endanger the stability of our society as we know it.

“The recent proliferation of fake news is undoubtedly a matter of concern. Not that it never existed before […] But it’s arguably spreading at an unprecedented level because of digital media and their potential to access and spread information relatively easily.”

Gianfranco Polizzi

We people have become more isolated and at the same time more connected through the digital world. We learned from our parents, teachers, and friends how to navigate the world, but we haven’t yet learned how to navigate the digital world. The cities, streets, constitutions, institutions, laws, and regulations we all have come to understand and live with, do not exist yet in the digital world.

This combination of isolation from the real world, digital media illiteracy and lack of understanding of the workings of the digital world leave us all exposed to confusion.

We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on ads

Zeynep Tufekci

We are losing trust in our institutions. In our politicians. In one side, they also struggle to take the right decisions in an ever more complex world, with ever less sovereignty at expenses of giant corporations and overwhelming markets. In the other side conspiracy theories find fertile earth and unlimited potential for spreading in the digital media landscape like wildfires.

Ballots’ results are shocking, people take ever growing radical stances. And in this manner we approach, day by day the point when we will turn our society into an unmanageable anarchy. An anarchy made of frightened, confused, and isolated people. A return to a middle age of castles and citadels. Servants and tyrants.

Every one of us who is today losing trust, and becoming confused, thus falling in a rabbit hole may want to ponder who is reaping benefit of this and who is not. It is very likely that the society will not be in the side of the beneficiaries.

“It should be a matter of concern that while 52% preferred the BBC in 2015, only 35% of 12-15s in 2016 reported relying on it for accurate and true information about what goes on in the world, and that while 17% relied on Google in 2015, that number reached 30% in 2016.”

Gianfranco Polizzi

Disbelieving BBC to believe Google may be an—out of the 90’s when internet was a promise—romantic thought but the gears of the apparent romanticism of Google and co. aren’t meant or designed to benefit our society but to maximize their profit.

tainted blurr

The sound of two eyes‘ glance. The smell of a shared silence. The velvet hues of speech pitch. The texture of a blurry memory rescued after a passing scent. The disrupting vibration of a moving ethereal soul. The movement of a pixelated picture of lips who speak words that only exist in our imagination. The elegance of a pair of common boots alive with the motion of a piano melody. The music of scarf‘s convolutions around a neck. The dissonance of a film of sweat. The fluidic tension of a stance of curiosity. Fragile humanity searching for a crevasse in a world of steel. A patch of light where to plant seeds of future. A future that runs through oiled channels of polished glass, along the impossible thin line between laminarity and turbulence. In the coldness of absence of light. In the tremor of the void. Energy in a million different manifestations on a dance of ruptured entropic life converging into an ultimate singularity.