20% of German population feels threatened

(Picture: The euro is a wrong design. Part ways with the Euro!)

In short this is what happens now in the German society. Each and every one of those who recently voted for the AfD—a populist party who came from nowhere and became the third political power of Germany—feels in one or another way threatened. In a wide range of strata, from existential fear to loss of buy power, everyone feels the sting of fear and anger.

Many people have temporal jobs and hardly can start families. Others have difficulties to find a decent place to live in the ever more expensive big cities. Some cannot anymore afford a series 5 BMW and have to get along with a series 3 or a series 1 instead. And some yet feel fear that their culture may be lost to the ever-increasing influx of foreigners in the country. Each and everyone would fully agree with, and feel comforted by one of the hundreds of slogans that the AfD has been flooding the streets with. Yet they are, taken as a whole, contradicting and nonsensical. Not to mention that the party would be incapable of ever attempting to govern, may things had gone amiss in these last polls.

This scenario is an ever-growing trend in the first world. The world is complex and the structures of the past will not solve our problems of today, and even less the ones of the future. Our natural reaction to change and novelty is to duck out, look at the past with nostalgia and try to revert to the old good times. But they are gone for good.

Today can not be measured with the tools of yesterday any more. The world has gone past the linearity into the exponential rate of change. We either grow up to this new speed of change or we decay in a fireball of fascism and death.

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