marshes corp.

The increasingly complex environment of today’s business life, together with the economical growth of the last years, has set the grounds for an unprecedented demand of middle managers in advanced countries. These have to be either recruited outside the corporation, with uncertain results and risk, grown inside (but it takes time), or in many cases picked up from the staff as being hopefully the least bad choice.

This poor fellow finds himself in a tight spot and in most cases it will quickly evolve into a blockade to the bottom and a desperate run upwards before the mess becomes too obvious. Thus leaving a trail of demotivation, bad decisions, and desolation.

In any corporation level there are four possible states where people will find themselves. The person itself can be either ambitious (fire) or calm (water). The environment can be a blockade (earth) or supportive (air). 

An ambitious person in a supportive environment will become a rocket and will make good use of her fire through the air. Yet in a blockade environment will burn like charcoal. A calm person in a blockade environment will find her way to survive and do as good a job as possible like a battleship entangled in marshes. Yet in a supportive environment she will roam the seas and be the launch basis for her colleagues, the rockets.

non-solution to a non-problem

There wasn’t apparently a problem for this solution. And demagoguery had a great time instead. 

Full-Hybrid cars do not need plugs. And they save a substantial amount on gas and emissions. 

Plug-in full-hybrids neither need plugs. And they save a substantial amount on gas and emissions too. Yet they shine if you plug them.  

So here you have a way to break the egg-and-chicken dilemma of infrastructure. First you legally enforce the exclusive sales of full-hybrid cars. Secondly you legally enforce the exclusive use of plug-in full-hybrids for fleet and company-owned cars. And infrastructure will develop of its very own market demand.

But it never happened. Perhaps the trail of money would tell why. Who would benefit of such course of action? Patent holders perhaps? For sure the health of us all. But our health is sometimes difficult to monetize. In the short term. 

self-confidence and self-infatuation 

After first impressions you may not easily tell apart someone who is self confident from someoneelse who is just enamoured of herself.

The self confident is someone who knows what she wants and believes in her intelligence and intuition. Yet she has all her antennae very well extended and receptive to inputs that would eventually shatter some of her assumptions, and consequently rearranges her amended view of the world.

The self infatuated is pretty set up. For her there are two kind of people: those who see things the right way and share her views, and those who are too lost to see the truth and are thus unpredictable, dangerous and better kept in close check.