a history of the end of the world in one blog post

(Cheers to Julian Barnes)

the world is an arch carrying all lifestock (woodworms) around the oceans. For ages woodworms have fed in the arch, at once source and sustain of life. Science and Technology boosted their numbers to a point were the structural integrity of the arch started to be compromised. Yet this process of accelerated consumption was not seen by most of the maggots.

Here we have two overseer-maggots in the upper deck. They are suntaned and healty with an unapologethic idiotic smile in their faces:

– Boss, I have read in the news that the hull lands under the waterline are drawning. Scientists say that the hull is receding to water faster and faster.

– Have you seen water around here? those are fake news: A conspiracy of scientists and journalists meant to divert our attention from the important matters: namely to keep all maggots fed and happy like in the old good days, and hence myself as boss.

A few miles further, irretrievably, the arch sunk leaving a despondent trail of death. The basin of the ocean bearing evidence that something called woodworms ever existed, evolved, and self-anihilated in an explosion of gluttony.

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