the utility attitude axis

In the space of people characterisation, there is an axis I name it the utility attitude axis.

In the region around zero, people are followers. The more you move towards the, say positive direction, people tend to be more creative and not only follow but also feedback or adventure in small endeavors.

Emerging from the followers section you enter the creatives. Those are types of people who create new ways to do things, often inspired by those people in the far end of the axis;  entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Moving back from zero towards the negative direction of the axis, you would have those people who are followers but sometimes lag a bit behind. And even further, those who are not able to follow and will proceed undisturbed all along a direction that, at some point in their lives, was set.

If you allow me an analogy, imagine the entrepreneurs and visionaries as scouts ahead of the way, the creatives making the path, the followers improving it, following it, following it a bit askew on the bushes along the side of the path, and finally the bromides moving outwards in a tangential escape line.

Now, any group or Organisation should see that is made of a balanced number of members with respect to their attitude—I do not mean skills here, but attitudes. You want to have a few visionaries, some more creatives, and the bulk of followers. Ultimately, no deadheads.

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