i will make it worse

but I want to share this with you.

I apologize to the author for my blunt attempt to translate his perfect choice of words.

Wörter besitzen Macht. Durch die Wortwahl werden Bilder erzeugt, die Gefühle und Gedanken auslösen. Und schon entstehen Haltungen und Meinungen, mal zufällig und unbedacht, mal gezielt und absichtlich.

Matthias Klaus

Source: DW Deutsche Welle


Words are mighty. By choosing them, we induce impressions in people’s minds that lead to feelings and thoughts. Incidentally opinions and attitudes will follow due. And they words came out of a chance event or were otherwise darted with intent.

This year that ought not be, has been, and will at last come to an end. It is high time to impress these words in our minds and be critical and inquisitive with what we read, or hear. For it is everybody’s duty to search the truth and act accordingly to our principles.

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