baby boomers aplenty

Not too far in the future an inrush of retirees will take leave from their workplaces and will join the lines of the well deserved retiree status thus creating a significant drain in the public reserves of every developed country.

Those left to keep the wheels of industry spinning are less, earn less and spend less than the affluent baby boomer generation. Incidentally contributing less to the public chests. Moreover, the next generation that is now joining the workforce is, and will be, yet less affluent.

Is then society and economy in the developed first word fated to stress and a slowdown? Possibly. Maybe not though. Here comes ingenuity at play.

We, the afterwave, have blossomed in the age of computers, and into the age of social media. If shadowed by the previous lot yet sprouts of new thinking are breaking through and reaching now maturity. We can possibly grow over this bleak scenario with our new tools and skill sets.

We have an oncoming huge supply of experienced, wealthy and healthy women and men that if not in general proficient in the intricacies of computers and Internet, they use them at a more or less effective degree. And many would rather sporadically undertake activities of social and economical significance than spend the whole day chasing a golf trolley. And we have the means to help them choose over a variety of ways to spend their time in a way that has an impact to our society and economy.

Some like cooking and would cook for her/his younger single and busy neighbor. Some like building furniture or restoring it and would enjoy giving the wardrobe of the neighbor a new life. We have often neither the time nor the money to keep up with all our needs and would gladly take an offered hand at an affordable cost. And eat healthy, use our furniture longer and with pride, discover how our children’s imagination is spurred with lovely cut and painted cubes and that they can show their appreciation to the makers of their toys a flight of stairs above or two houses up the street.

The list has no end, and we have the ingenuity and potential to make it happen. The sooner the better.

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