Deception after following a white rabbit

Media illiteracy isn’t a new problem, but it has today become in the form of digital media illiteracy too large of a problem. So large as to endanger the stability of our society as we know it.

tainted blurr

on a dance of ruptured entropic life converging into an ultimate singularity.

marshes corp.

The increasingly complex environment of today’s business life, together with the economical growth of the last years, has set the grounds for an unprecedented demand of middle managers in advanced countries. These have to be either recruited outside the corporation, with uncertain results and risk, grown inside (but it takes time), or in many cases picked up from the staff as being hopefully the least bad choice.

the next industrial evolution is rust-free

Once were farmers those you would look for to buy their products. Later you started looking for industrial products instead. You are now starting to look for a digital layer, that like a plastic wrap contains and alienates the farmer and the industry altogether.